Мир один для всех.


About the Foundation

Asyl Miras Bulat Utemuratov Charity Foundation was founded in 2014 by Bulat Utemuratov, renowned businessman, public figure and president of Kazakhstan’s Federation of Tennis.
As an organization concerned with the future of Kazakhstan, Asyl Miras prioritizes the interests of the nation’s children as the cornerstone of its local development strategy.


The Foundation aims at cooperating and forming partnerships with other like-minded organisations, including non-profit organisations, grassroots initiatives and government agencies. Only through fostering cooperation across these diverse stakeholders, can we ensure sustainable results. The Foundation seeks to engage in targeted and efficient projects in order to nurture this cooperation among various partners both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The Foundation prides itself in its efforts to encourage sustainability, enabling a wide spectrum of the population to benefit accordingly.

In order to maintain a holistic approach to development, and in order to take into account the various spheres of interaction that influence one’s quality of life, Asyl Miras believes in balancing its initiatives among three main areas: