Мир один для всех.


Foundation Principles

The Foundation's operations are transparent: it communicates in the most transparen way possible and releases reports on a regular basis (e.g. financial statements and programme reports).
The staff regularly reports to the founder, the Supervisory Board and sponsors about the Foundation’s operations.
Public benefit and efficiency
The Foundation develops and implements programmes, which are clearly articulated and supported by its beneficiaries, in order to meet the public’s needs and specific results.
The Foundation cooperates with governmental authorities without duplicating their services. Asyl Miras, unique amongst Kazakhstan’s many public foundations, maintains autonomy in its mandate and strategy, as it does not receive funding from the government.
Constant development
The Foundation reviews and updates its strategy every two years.
Consistency and continuity
The Foundation gives priority to programmes aimed at sustainable development.
The Foundation does not finance trade unions, religious organisations, political and public movements or political parties.