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Frequently asked questions

What programmes are supported by the Foundation?

The Foundation implements programmes in such sectors as healthcare, science, culture, education, sports, etc.

Criteria for selecting programmes to be implemented:

1. Compliance of a project with the Foundation’s and the Founder's mission, goals and priorities.
2. Necessity and relevance. The extent to which the project would satisfy actual needs of the target audience.
3. The project, if implemented, would benefit a large number of people.
4. The solution offered in the project would be sustainable, consistent and positive.
5. The solution offered in the project would be realistic and feasible in a realistic time frame.
6. The project implementation plan is clear and reasonable.
7. The project is financially sound and economically beneficial.
8. The project, if implemented, would not have an adverse environmental impact.
9. The project provides for drawing on experience gained by other organisations and for communicating with them; the project would compliment other ongoing programmes in the region (if any).
10. The project suggests taking / using innovative approaches and methods in resolving the respective issue.
11. The project would allow for the possibility of sharing positive experience with wider audiences.

Can you provide financial aid to me personally?

No, the Foundation does not offer financial aid to individuals.

Who funds the Foundation?

The Foundation is funded by the its founder, as well as through contributions from individual and corporate sponsors.